a little at a time

I have not completely disappeared.  I have been putting my efforts into other people and things. 
I have been prioritizing and finding out what is important in my life.  

I do have some images to share and hope to make more changes as I get back into my photography online.  I have photographed for my own creativity and learning experiences since I last sat in front of this blog.  I hope to share some of these images with you. 

I have been studying about my photography,  how to prioritize and let go of things in my photography world that hold me back from moving forward and putting my efforts toward improving how I see myself as a creative and professional.  

I will be making more changes on my blog, trying to get a new website up and running and getting back in touch with those who have been in front of my lens in the past as well as getting out and capturing the poetry in your lives. 

Please be patient as I continue to move back into the photography world, sharing my view through my lens.  I am definitely out of the habit of writing but know (just like I tell my kids) the more I do it the easier it will become.  
The more I share the easier it will be to do that as well. 

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