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Just for some fun on this crazy Monday as the gears shift towards the holidays...
trying to get back to what I had intended... that Monday be the day to take a virtual vacation.... back I go to the mountains!!

To get to this site- Goose Lake- we took a VERY bumpy jeep ride up over 1,000 feet in elevation I think. It took quite a while to get there since it was all up the side of this mountain. From what my husband tells me when you tell people you went to Goose Lake it really means something!!

The views were breathtaking, a peaceful lake at the top of a mountain, snow within reach.. if we just kept walking a bit more... I promised my kids I would hike to it but by the time I realized how far we were and would have to get back to where the rest of the family was I got time for a few shots of the girls overlooking the lake. Perhaps next time we will have an earlier start and get to the snow!!


Tamar SB said…
Wow! What a great picture!

lovely, and the expression on the girls face is great :) thank you for your kind comments on my blog :)
Haniela said…
So so beautiful. lovely framing.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Tami Tripp said…
Great photo...love the wind blowing her hair and the beautiful view below.
June Roach said…
Nice! That's one snappy b&w. Beautiful girl and backdrop.

And thank you so much for your kind words about my photo.

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