School Kid | Colleyville Photographer

Field Day was always one of my favorite days as a kid. I so loved all the friendly competition of it all, getting ribbons to show my parents at the end of the day. I don't ever remember my mom or dad coming- it was just a day at school for them I guess.
I love to go and for a bit leave my little ones with a grandma and then go get them and let them see the end of the day. It gets them excited about going to school in years to come and I get to be in the moment with the "school kid." It's a win-win for the family.
I have the opportunity to catch my kids just being kids with their classmates... I so love that!! These were some of the moments I caught of one of our children. She has a great group of kids in her class- all with their own personalities from shy to outgoing to silly to studious.


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