What to Wear in 2011 | Colleyville Photographer

So you are looking in your closet... what to wear, what to wear??
Well, the new colors for 2011 just got released today!! I am so excited about them- they have so many possibilities for individuals, families, couples, babies... LOVE them!!
The color for the year is called Honeysuckle! Just a splash or as an entire dress- this color is vibrant and will wake up the portrait for sure!
As Pantone, the leader in color suggests,
"A Color for All Seasons
Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it."

So now, are you with me?? Not quite?? What about pairing it with a lovely cashmere?? Can't imagine it yet?? I have created a color combo template for you to begin imagining the colors today!!

While you go out shopping for your family this Christmas think of these colors in mind for a family portrait! Even a man could wear this honeysuckle in a tie, a stripe in a shirt... a boy with an argyle vest with this color carefully placed, a bow in a little girl's hair or entire little smocked dress in this vibrant color! And Mom... you can find a scarf if you still think this is a bit much. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how this flows together. Be on the look out- you will be seeing this color everywhere from interior design, clothing, accessories... it's going to be a pretty year!!


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