Super S Girls!!| Colleyville Family Photographer | amwz photography

These girls are -AH-dorable!!!
I loved how casual they were- even though it was steamy!!
Has this not been one of the most humid weather for North Texas?? wow!
Anyway, these girls were wonderful and the grandma kept them most entertained by singing songs from even MY childhood- I joined right in!!
I loved how calm the oldest was.... just waiting for the next cue or butterfly to come by..

and then this Miss S who surely has her own agenda! I love a girl who has her mind made up!

and then this Baby S... oh my.. love her sweet smile and when she cocked her head to the side you could see her little face light up!

These lazy days of summer go by so quickly! barefoot and full of smiles.. just as summer should be!


Cute cute girls! Beautiful work!!

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