Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Road! | Fort Worth Photographer

We don’t take pictures with cameras – we take them with our hearts and minds.
Arnold Newman

and we did just that.. travel with our hearts and minds.. but camera in hand as we took a generational adventure to Red River, New Mexico!
My oldest daughter took the first photograph. I think it was the only one of the camper we borrowed but I love the destination of the open road and slight bend to it. The kids and I were all very excited to go as we had never been there in the past. Usually our vacations take us to a beach (I'm a beach girl by heart) but this time my husband and his family had ideas of cool summer mountains. After this I just *might* become a cool summer mountain girl!

Our youngest took right to traveling via camper. I asked for words of wisdom from a cousin and she told us.. if it's not put away it will fly! Yea, she wasn't kidding.. and Tonia, if you or your family find crayons in corners.. yep, they flew!
But take a look at that fabulous art work!!!
It was so worth it and I would do it again tomorrow.. anyone game to get out of this heat in DFW??

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