Breathe.Love.Pray. | Colleyville Photographer

I was asked to capture moments in a retreat I recently attended at Good Shepherd Catholic Community in Colleyville. There were so many ah-ha moments for me this wonderful Saturday morning! I really enjoyed every moment of peace and serenity. Before we all met in the church the Archangles Mothers Ministry, who put the retreat together, placed the finishing touches in the hall where we would all enjoy a super luncheon. At each place in the great hall there was a white folder which held a guide for the Rosary. A prayer for mothers to say to bind their children in the prayers of the Rosary and a CD with a slideshow presentation of moments shared in the final talk. On top of each folder was a sheer bag holding a Rosary. It was so moving and a great experience to be a part of right before Mother's Day.
Thanks to all those in Archangels Mothers Ministry for a great morning!


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