Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it snow!! | amwz photography

Sleigh bells ring.. are you listening?? What a treat it was for our kids to have a day off of school to play.. too bad we had no electricity.. Our fire could not get our wet mittens and jeans dry enough to keep running outside to play more. We bundled up in every quilt we had and any other blanket we could find around the house. We still had gas so I could cook and we could get warm baths. We definitely used our time wisely as we had no lights when the sun set our house cooled off even more and we would huddle a little more. My husband is a great story teller- I keep telling him he needs to write his stories down that he has told each of our kids (each one has a favorite story he has made up) and he told stories by fire one evening.. it was awesome! Wish I could say I got pictures but my batteries died!!! EEK! So no pictures but lots of memories for our little family!