The Village Baking Company

When I was a little girl there was a little French bakery my mom would take me to when we had half day of school. I think this is from where my love of good bread came. I could smell it and taste it even now as I type! mmmmmmm

We would get bagettes made into ham and cheese sandwiches, a little apple juice and a small salad. If we had enough time, and Mom always made sure we did, we would get some desert like a tart or a palmiers or my favorite... pan au chocolate!! What could be better than bread and chocolate together??? oh, my mouth is watering!!!

Anyway, I am a lover of mom & pop restaurants and shops and found The Village Baking Company a few years back. The owners, Kim and Clint Cooper, were so inviting to my family that we quickly became friends!

Now, I was not a fan of sourdough but Clint has the true artisan technique that it is by far the best sourdough I have ever had.. as a matter of fact, if it is not Clint's sourdough I won't eat it! lol! Although they don't have the little cafe any more (my family still talks about it!) you can find his bread around town.
You can find Clint's artisan bread in Sprout's in Southlake and the local Farmer's Market. I hope to show some more images I took with his bread soon.. but for now we'll just have to pretend the computer has smell-a-vision! LOL!


Joy said…
Wow! Great images; suddenly I find myself very hungry!
ellen d said…
What beautiful images- I can almost taste that bread!
Renee said…
No kidding! I am now craving bread! Awesome images, makes me want to try to reach out and grab it!
Heather Latimer said…
I hope these are going into a magazine! They are perfect!
Heather Georger said…
These should totally be in a foodie mag!!!
Charlotte said…
Those are the bomb! Now I am craving bread!!

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