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What a wonderful experience!! Tiffany came and picked me up to shoot on of her latest creations for a home in Dallas!! I had such a great time with her. This was such a different experience for me- no chasing toddlers or worrying about placement of individuals. The house is designed in such a clean contemporary fashion but oh so livable!!
As you walk in the main living area there is a bank of windows flooding the area with natural light- love that!! The color on the walls are so fresh... just what I have been looking for in my own home!
Details for all the textures and colors were carefully chosen. This home is so family friendly with plenty of room for seating, cuddling or rolling around on the floor!

And a round table! The conversations will never end with this dining room!
Tiffany, as always, it was wonderful hanging out with you and seeing your awesome talent! Can't wait to see your next project!!!
To see more of Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design work see the website here.


ellen d said…
What a gorgeous home, and your photography showcases it beautifully!
Danielle said…
Wow - great job on these images - they look like they could be out of a magazine!!
Lisa said…
Beautiful home..the colors and the furniture styling! Love it! Your photography looks awesome!

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