Amanda,Joey and CJ

I can't believe I finally am getting around to posting some portraits from your session...
It seems as though I have gotten older.. and my eyes are showing it!! I have had one migraine after another- even had one this day we got together in Denton!! Most of the time they stay a dull roar but everyonce in a while they cluster one after the other. I am going to the opthamoligist Wednesday so I will hopefully no longer be bombarded with double or blurry vision. With 4 kids it's tough to find time for me sometimes. I can't wait any longer... I need to get these eyes up and running 20/20 or better if that is possible! lol!
I have been working on a few sessions but yours is the one I am currently working feverishly on :)
Amanda came with a list of photos she wanted- ideas for things she had done in the past and sizes she was wanting for her home. Some portraits work out and some don't depending on the age of the child or children in the family. At different ages they will sit, explore, or not even wish the photographer there or all of the above in one session. LOL!

It was so great getting to photograph your family... I always love getting a chance to capture the sweetness you all have!!


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