what can I share... Fort Worth Bridal Photography

I can share words..
it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding... I have tried this crop and that to show but it just doesn't do Jalynn's beauty ANY justice to show just one part...
she has the MOST amazing eyes... oh.love.her.eyes!
and the smile and pout to die for... and a mane of hair that is so luxurious! her skin is flawless... ugh... to have 20 something skin again! lol!
I asked if her fiance, Will, knew what he was getting in for and she said, "yes, he does!"... all with her hands on her hip and a pucker just for him!!! Yep, I got the shot but like I said.. I can't share it!! lol!
oh- I found this in my edits... I tell ya, Amanda and I covered this shoot from EVERY angle! I love how 2 photographers can be in one location and still come up with different looks to a shot. I can't wait for us to compare!

Here is what I can tell you..
go to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens!!
it is so worth it- every corner is more beautiful than the last. There are paths for little ones to explore... my family showed up at the shoot, blew bubbles just in case Jalynn couldn't crack a smile... lol! With all the rain and humidity we have had it is lush and green! The Rose Garden was beautiful and bursting with buds!
It started to sprinkle while we were there so Amanda and Janie (Jalynn's sisterinlaw and mom, respectively) held the reflector over her head. Honestly, God was so good to us in all of our planning this opportunity!
I am so honored that I was able to help capture these sweet moments for you, Jalynn.


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