Mother Mary, Pray for Us.

My baby girl and I attended the Crowning of Mary at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Colleyville. It reminded me of when I was a girl in Memphis at St. Agnes. A warm evening, few close friends and some other familiar faces prayed the Rosary, sang some hymns and asked for the Blessed Mother to watch over us and lead us more towards her Son.

Two sweet little girls brought in Mary's crown.

In between every decade of the Rosary a woman would light a candle around Mother Mary in the Marion Garden. It was so lovely and peaceful. As the evening passed the garden was full of candlelight.
As I understand, this was just the beginning of this tradition at Good Shepherd. There is a group now forming who will be making Rosaries at the church. If you are interested contact the office for more information.


TXNana said…
These are just beautiful -- a job well done. I have often tried to capture the peacefulness of The Good Shepherd but haven't even come close to what you accomplished. You have a true gift. Jane Chevier a/k/a TXNana

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