6 days old

oh, time flies!!
we blink and she will be a week, a month, a year! (sorry, Man!)
I can't imagine life without this little one in our family. She fits right in... for all of us... we knew she would be coming and she did. What a blessing from God to remind us how precious every step of life is from birth to skinned knees, first day of school to first date... How fast your family has grown and it seems like forever ago we were just riding bikes around in Germantown, me watching you develop your own film in the attic and for us to move down and meet Mary... and that has a history all to itself too! lol!
I'm so honored to be this little one's aunt!


The PhotegĂ© said…
Awwww... so snuggly! GREAT images! :)
Ashley Schrage said…
I absolutely LOVE these. The light is just perfect in both images!

I feel like I can never get babies to fall asleep in the places i want them too! What's your secret?

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