Texas Barn

On the way home from our little one's first road trip we saw this barn. I have a thing for old barns. Better than an old barn is a painted on barn. It can be painted wood or the roof- it doesn't matter to me. I believe it gives it that much more character. When I was a kid I would love taking road trips north. My mom would point out the barns with hex signs on them. These would be painted symbols on the edge of the barn to drive away evil spirits.
Living here in Texas I love that some people here take great pride in their state... it truly is a state of mind... To have our state flag on a barn is... well, cool! As a former Texas History teacher it's even better...
I like the symbolysism in this old barn:
wagon waiting just outside
state pride
road that greets it and continues on
it stands there- firm in it's belief


Jalynn said…
I absolutely love this barn!! I drove past it everyday for a semester while I was student teaching in Granbury. Awesome pic.

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