Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jalynn and Will... I will....

I had the utmost pleasure photographing a cousin of my husband. I remember when this young lady sat on a piano at our wedding in 1992. She was so sweet in her pink dress and white patten-leather mary janes. She had a big smile then as she watched one of her older cousins get married and party the afternoon away. I have loved watching her grow up into such a talented and loving person... she is so honest in her appreciation of others around her and loving to those who cross her path. I was so honored when she called and asked me to capture her and her fiance at a time when she was truly making her own pathway!
Jalynn, This is just a sneak peek and I hope to showcase a few more for you before you see the rest!!! Enjoy!!!
big hugs!


Jalynn said...

Pam, I absolutely love it! You are crazy talented and I cannot wait for bridals! Thank you so much! I love you bunches!

Carrie Small Photography said...

I love this shot!!