Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where have I been?

For those of you who do not know..
I found out shortly after "going public" with my photography that our family was blessed with yet another soul. After being told we could never have any children... 9 years of marriage and 9 surgeries later... we really discovered that God has a great sense of humor and laughed the entire time about my plans!! lol!

When ever I would pick up my camera or sit in front of the computer I would get so sick. I had to put down my camera for the first trimester and then slowly picked it back up here and there for my senior shoots.

I had my 8 year old get a few shots of me while I was at the end of the pregnancy. We thought this baby would never come!!! She was actually a few days late and was much bigger than any of my other children.

Because I am now a momma to 4 cuties my time is really limited until I put my feet on the ground again- they seem to be running a lot lately! lol! I have done a few photo shoots for some close friends who know my time constraints :)

So.. where have I been???
changing diapers
helping in the kindergarten classroom
checking cursive, spelling, algebra (did you know that was being taught in 3rd grade now? wow!)
watching our son find his own way while his big sisters are at school all day
finding out who our new little one is
changing more diapers
potty training
checking more homework
listening to little ones read out loud
being a taxi driver
changing more diapers
making a few meals here and there
listening to my dh snore LOL!

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